Contemplating a move to the regions?

Contemplating a move to the Regions?

As a business one of our aims has always been to bring high quality recruitment services to the regions (which historically have been underserviced), rather than solely concentrate on the main centres.

Our regional focus has led to some excellent long-standing client relationships being created and we have found that there are a huge volume of regionally based companies that go completely under the radar in terms of their scale, achievements, and future growth prospects. This in turn presents some fantastic opportunities for job seekers.

Coupled with the exceptional work/life balance that can be achieved in regional New Zealand, it is understandable why so many people, like myself, choose to relocate to the country to begin with or return home having experienced life overseas. We are also finding more people than ever are reassessing what is of most importance to them and are looking to move out of the main centres (Auckland in particular), to regain that balance and be closer to extended family.

The opportunity to have the ski field / beach / lake / vineyards on your doorstep, with all the outdoor activities you can think of available to you, plus the minimal commuting time when it comes to working obviously appeals to many. These locations tend to be our favourite places to visit for the weekend getaway, so why not choose to live there also. In terms of specific locations however, whether it is Tauranga, Hawke’s Bay, Queenstown, Wanaka, Nelson, etc. there are several factors that always need to be taken into consideration when contemplating a move and prospective employers focus heavily on this.


“Have they really considered everything fully before deciding to move here?”


It isn’t always that easy to simply relocate, locations such as Queenstown for example are known for having a very transient population. Employers are aware of this, and they want to secure someone for the long term, not someone who is going to move again in 18 months when they discover it wasn’t everything that they thought it was going to be.

Key factors include:

  • Cost of living: This is the real big one. The cost of living to put it lightly can still be extremely high for some of these regions, especially when it comes to house prices. Doing your research in advance, making long term plans and having realistic expectations are essential.
  • Salaries: Unfortunately, these are not in line with Auckland – So whilst housing costs can often still be high, you need to be aware you could be taking a significant pay cut to make a move achievable. Depending on the location it can comfortably be between 10-30% and higher. You must be prepared to feel the effects in your pocket.
  • Family: If you are relocating here with your partner and children, you need to think about how easy it is for your partner to secure work too, not all professions are in skill shortage or in demand in all regions. Suddenly finding yourself on one income for a period of time can be extremely challenging as well as frustrating. Also think about the schooling opportunities and if they align with what you are wanting short and long term for your children.
  • Size: Smaller markets mean that even if you do land the best job for you right now, the progression opportunities compared to the larger centres may not be so readily available. You need to be prepared to potentially compromise longer term career advancement for the lifestyle benefits.


It is not all bad though! – My clients in these regions, have made it work and ultimately love living there, and actively encourage people to follow their dreams and do the same. However, they are very pragmatic and understand the challenges involved. The job search will likely prove to be the easy part and you will be surprised by what is available and the choices you will have.

If you are considering a move, please make sure you have done all your research – when it comes to job interviews it will greatly increase your chances, as clients will see you really are serious in your intentions. Get in contact if you are contemplating a move to the regions and want to learn more.


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