5 TIPS: How to Attract Passive Candidates in a Candidate Short Legal Market

With qualified Solicitors above 2-years PQE in high demand, it’s safe to say the Solicitor you have your eye on is happily employed and blissfully unaware that a new, better opportunity could be just around the corner.


Over the last 12 months, the legal sector has experienced a skill shortage coupled with and lack of movement in the market like no other.  With a significant amount of growth in construction, cooperate investment, and a strong property market the need now for a experienced Solicitors, in particular, property and commercial solicitors has never been stronger.


Here are 5 ways for an organisation to attract and retain talent.


1. Competitive compensation package


Legal Professionals are well aware that they have the upper hand during their job search and during salary negotiations, it is worth not only to consider the salary that you are going to offer but to consider additional benefits. Benefits such as health insurance packages, additional annual leave or other perks such as car park allowance or an actual car park can be a game changer and get the superstar candidate joining your firm.


2. Flexibility and work life balance

Now more than ever we are seeing candidates seeking flexible work arrangements, not only encouraging a healthy work life balance but enabling people to have more autonomy in their roles to be the drivers of their destiny and in most cases being more productive.


Broadening your offerings with flexible working not only means that you are providing your current employees with better opportunities therefore increasing your retention rates, you are also allowing yourself to access a larger talent pool.

3. Stand out recruitment process

Legal candidates are more likely than not, receiving multiple approaches each week from both recruiters and law firms, therefore losing interest quickly if the process from hiring to the contract is long and arduous. A proactive, clear and directive process can result in obtaining top talent. Rather than being the firm that misses out on that top candidate because of an unclear and long process, it pays over complicate it.


Love someone? Be fast and don’t let a long recruitment process stop you from securing the best candidate.


4. Offer development and training opportunities


Good legal professionals are hungry for development and progression, this often playing a critical aspect in a candidate’s motivation to move away from their current firm.


Candidates will engage quickly if there is assurance that the new position offered has career growth, training opportunities and progression into more senior opportunities. Other head tuners for candidates will include leadership programs and additional training outside of the law firm.


5. Culture and work environment

Increasingly we are seeing more passive candidates look to new opportunities and seeking a better workplace environment. This is something seen across most industries, candidates are most happy when are in a happy, collaborative and environments that champion diversity and diversity.


Similarly, if there is a role out in the market and candidates haven’t heard good things about the culture of the firm, they will run a mile.


Use your existing workforce to promote your brand and with each interaction, make sure you are providing your employees with pleasant experiences. Prioritise looking after your people, because you can be sure that they will be verdantly or inadvertently spreading the word about what is means to actually work for your law firm.


Published by Holly Clark


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