Thinking About Asking for a Pay Rise? Let These Tips Help You Get The Increase You Deserve.

We have all been there, it’s a nerve-wracking time thinking about the best way to tackle the conversation. You will need to have your negotiating skills in check and possess tact to ensure the right outcome is reached.


Use these hot tips to help you get the pay rise, in the right way:


1. Know where you sit in the market

Go in armed with all the information you can get on where your role sits in the market and what is a good salary for a person with your experience in your industry. Talk to people who you know who may be in a similar role, check job boards, salary surveys and use your network to compare.  A general rule of thumb it’s appropriate to ask for 10% more than what your current salary is.


2. Ensure you’re talking to the right person

Ask for a scheduled meeting and don’t waste a salary negotiation with someone who isn’t a decision maker, timing can be everything. Give the decision maker a heads up that you want to discuss remuneration. This will give them time to prepare rather than them feel they have  had no warning.


3. Be clear why you deserve an increase

If you are struggling to think of reasons why you deserve a pay rise or what your contribution has been to your employer that they would not have been able to achieve without you, chances are you don’t deserve a pay rise.

Create a list of where you have added value and your significant achievements, this adds to the reason why your employer should increase your pay. It’s much easier to ask and convince the decision maker for a pay rise when you can demonstrate that you are going above and beyond in your role or hitting performance indicators when you’ve supported it with evidence.


Published by Holly Clark


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